Cara Hagan, MFA, RYT-500 is an interdisciplinary artist whose work exists at the intersections of movement, digital space, words, contemplative practice, and community. Cara is a 2020 recipient of the inaugural National Center for Choreography Community Commissioning Residency award. Cara serves on faculty of the dance studies program at Appalachian State University and is the founder and director of ADF’s Movies by Movers, an annual, international screendance festival that celebrates the conversation between the moving body and the camera. Cara’s work has been seen on stage, on screen, in specific sites, and in educational spaces across the United States and abroad. For more information, visit

Dr. Krista K. Miranda is a queer crip independent artist and scholar invested in theories and experiences of embodiment, imagining better futures for queer and crip life, and recuperating the figure of the non-reproducing woman in mainstream and feminist discourses. Dr. Miranda earned her Ph.D. in Performance Studies in 2015 from New York University. Her in-progress monographs, Playing with Your Parts: Dismantling Bodily “Wholeness” through Queer and Crip Performance and Non-Reproducing Women: On the Failures of Feminist Coalition in Protest, Performance, and Practice are grounded in performance studies, gender and sexuality studies, and critical disability studies. Dr. Miranda’s experimental film work extends her scholarly investments into a visual field where she embraces DIY aesthetics. Her scholarly writing can be found in Frontiers: A Feminist Journal’s upcoming Special Issue: Staging Feminist Futures, The Oxford Handbook on Dance and Theater, Women & Performance: a journal of feminist theory, and Pornographies: Critical Positions.