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CaraHaganADF-158 2.jpeg

were we birds? commissioned by the American Dance Festival, performed at the Nasher Museum on the campus of Duke University, 2023.

Left Back: Tammy Carrasco. Right Back: Laura Gutierrez

Front Center: Cara Hagan


 "Declaration,"  2018.

 "Time in a Mind Gone Elsewhere," 2018.

As a performer, Hagan explores the intersections of mindfulness, social justice, and the human capacity to reimagine reality through artistic pursuits. Preferring interdisciplinary, non-traditional, durational, and site-specific work instead of the proscenium, Cara's work invites audiences and collaborators to consider the politics of performance and access to artistic material through a liberatory lens. Her solo works have been performed across the world.

Cara also choreographs for professional groups, non-professional community groups, and universities.

Morven pic 2.jpeg

Mama Piranha, 2023.


From "Ritual of 100 Tiny Circles," 2015.

From "The Body in the Breath (in Color!)," 2016

From, "Read-in for 21st Century Literacies," at Appalachian State University, 2017.

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