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Cara Hagan's writing spans the genres of poetry, creative non-fiction, short-form fiction, and academic scholarship.

Embodied Invitations, 2023










Published Articles and Poetry:

Dancing for Laughs: Signifyin(g) Bodies and the Black American Sitcom

  • An article that explores the presence and function of dance in Black Sitcom and its relationship to blackface minstrelsy. Published in a special issue of Cultural Studies, edited by Aria Halliday and Ashleigh wade, 2023.

Ode to an Unapologetically Free and Sacred Booty

  • An autoethnography that explores the politics of the body in various spaces while critically engaging western dance training, community organizing in white spaces, and the task of parenting through it all through an analysis of a collection of short films produced by the author. Included in the edited volume, The African Diaspora and Civic Responsibility: Addressing Social Justice through the Arts, forthcoming by Lexington in 2023. Edited by Tamara Williams.

Black Mothering and Self-Care in the Age of Covid

  • An article that explores the disparities in healthcare and childcare for Black mothers in addition to calls for structural changes within the systems that perpetuate inequality. Case studies with seven diverse women are presented where they explain the role of yoga in their wellbeing. Published in the 2021 edition of the Race and Yoga Journal.

Illuminating Diverse Voices in Dance Education: Problems in the Academy and Creative Approaches to Practice

  • An article published in the spring 2020 edition of the Journal of Dance Education that shares methods for curriculum development and project-based work in dance studies with regard to diversity and inclusion.

Creative Social Stewardship, Artistic Engagement, and the Environment

  • An article co-authored with Theresa Redmond on the philosophy and practice of Creative Social Stewardship in the Spring 2019 edition of the Journal of Sustainability Education.


America is Not Cool

  • A review written for the fall 2018 edition of the [In] Transition Journal of Media Studies for scholar Jenny Oyallon-Koloski’s video essay, America is (Not) Cool - a juxtaposition between two iconic dance numbers from the 1961 movie musical, West Side Story


Twenty Crimes Punishable by Death

  • A poem published in the fall 2018 edition of the Snapdragon Journal of Art and Healing.

Screendance as Social and Intellectual Enterprise

  • An article published in the spring 2018 edition of the Journal of Video Dance.


Curatorial Practices for Intersectional Programming

  • An article published in the spring 2018 edition of the International Journal of Screendance.


Cruel Men and False Gods,  Bursting at the Seams,  A Man Runs a Van into Midnight Prayer, or, God and Allah Concur, In the Days After the Verdict, Men with Pistols

·       A collection of five poems published in the September 2017 edition of the Seven Day Weekend Blog.

Love Letter to a Lukewarm Night Sky

  • A poem published in the summer 2017 edition of the Quill and Parchment online publication.

Visual Politics in American Dance Film:Representation and Disparity

  • Article published in the spring 2017 edition of the International Journal of Screendance.


The Feminist Body Reimagined in Two Dimensions: An Exploration of the intersections Between Dance Film and  Contemporary Feminism

·       A work of scholarship in the 2016 anthology, Dance's Duet with the Camera: Motion Pictures, Published by Palgrave.



  • A poem published in the spring 2016 Headwaters, The Appalachian Journal of Expressive Arts.


The Making of a Ritual

·       A work of creative non-fiction published in the December 2015 issue of the Snapdragon Journal of Art and Healing.


Practicing Yoga as Resistance:Voices of Color in Search of Freedom

An edited volume of reflections on race and gender in the Western yoga industry by female practitioners and teachers of  color. This title is currently available through Routledge and Amazon.


Screendance from Film to Festival: Celebration and Curatorial Practice


A book  on the genealogy and curation of the screendance festivals. Available through McFarland Publishing.

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